Shrine of Sekhmet


A place for those that follow Sekhmet can hang out.


just thought it was about time I got a ‘proper’ (aka big) statue of my Beloved Mama.
I have a few more new ones, but I will be good an post them where they belong.
These have all come straight from Egypt too, how lucky am I to get to spend all
my hard earned cash on these!!! :slight_smile:

the altar is having a revamp so photos of that to come later on


Oh wow! I’ve been looking for a Sekhmet statue and just have to make do with a painting of her. :frowning: Looks so amazing that one, but then she is isn’t she? :wink:


She sure is. I wasn’t even meant to look for another statue, I had just been shown a picture of the tiny cat sitting next to her and had agreed to buy that one. And as usual, there She was and you know how that goes…‘take my money now, take all of it but I must have Her’ lol.

If you are still looking for a statue, I have a small one (5.5 inches tall) in need of a new home, see pic below.
I won’t sell Her as she was my very first, and is super special but I would love for Her to get a new home where she will be loved and appreciated.


Oh you don’t have to you know. You can still have lots of them. I’ve so many of Bast myself, in fact right now I see four in this room. :slight_smile: But if you really feel the need then you know where I am - and thank you so much. I certainly must return the favour.

In any case here is my only Sekhmet I’ve had to work with (apart from photos and trips to the awesome ones at the BM of course). I bought this painting last year, at the late bank holiday weekend. I was up at the Staffordshire Pagan Conf doing a talk on Kemetism and afterwards wandering around looking at the stalls a lovely artist had this amazing print she had done. Over a year now though and I still havn’t got it framed. Bad boy and I!


Ah just had a thought of how I can return the favour: want some of my Kapet?


ooh yes please, that would be fab.

I still need to learn to make it myself. Just been lazy and used some bought in a shop or
just mixing dry leaves and resins over charcoal lol


well, someone said ‘yum , falafels’, when shown a picture of tiny balls wrapped in foil :slight_smile:


LOL that is funny. They could have a taste… :wink: