Which calendars do you use?

In ancient Egypt, the calendar had a very important role. It allowed for predictions of Nile rising and the actualisations of religious festivals.

Today we find ourselves functioning in a different calendar than the ancients used, but given we’re reviving their religion, maybe it’s time to think about how we categorize time in our religion.

That’s why I’m starting this topic, to talk about calendars and their importance and use by you.

Now there’s a topic I still struggle with.

Last year I celebrated Wep Ronpet according to Sirius’ rising in today’s Egypt. I’m not sure whether to go by that or celebrate according to when Sirius rises in my area… I’ll probably stick to Egypt though.

I hardly celebrate festivals other than the ones leading up to Wep Ronpet. I’d like to celebrate more, but I struggle with organising it and knowing what to do for them! Perhaps I should ask the Netjeru for some more guidance there.

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Choosing which calendar to use it also a thing I struggle with, and even more when everyone around me uses different ones. I once experimented with a calendar that is essentially the ancient Egyptian except synced up with the civil one. Now I’m considering using a hybrid calendar. Then again, I also don’t celebrate festivals except the Wep Ronpet series.

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I use this calendar https://ronpet.app/ It looks a little bare but you can pay to add the content of “The Ancient Egyptian Daybook” to it (sans chronokraters, b/c those haven’t been added yet, still being worked on).

Specifically I use it calibrated to the KO Wep Ronpet, though you can change that. I also technically use it in app form because I was a beta tester for that, but I don’t think that’s ever going to go live unfortunately as the app store fees are too high. I’m trying to see if there’s a way around that with the developer but we’ll see.

I don’t celebrate all the festivals that show up in it. I pick out the ones that matter to me. Even then I don’t do much for them, I’d be exhausted otherwise hah.

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