TUTANKHAMUN: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

Paid the exhibition a visit yesterday. Was absolutely wonderful and have booked another ticket! I felt very moved at what I saw, the art was what drew me when I was little, and to see items I’ve never had a chance to see close up has only deepened my love of ancient Egypt. It was also good to see the Wishing Cup, my favorite item (second only to the statue of my Selket of course), from the tomb.

They certainly did a great job with the display. Took around 2 hours for me to get around it all.


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Wish i could go. Though i don’t have good opinions on the dude

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I still need to book tickets, hoping to go in December

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I went beginning of November. Beautiful artefacts. Shame it was overcrowded, I wish they had restricted numbers. That would have been even more fabulous

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Was pretty crowded when I went, but then it was a weekend. I’m hoping that when I go next time on a Friday lunchtime it will be a bit better. Also being earlier I can hang back a bit and ride the waves! :slight_smile:

I went on a Friday. Still too people-y. I like deserted calm sanctuaries lol

Oh well. I suppose I will just have to make a scene and clear the room. I think that would do it. If I get all emotional (I almost did at the beauty of it), perhaps people will keep away of the crazy guy. I can give it a go :slight_smile:

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Especially if said guy is wearing all the crowns and looking very crazy lol

Now that is an idea. I did notice they do check the bags on entry though. Not sure how I might get them in :wink:

On your head might work. Just smile and wave as you skip the entrance queue as well.

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I hear speaking in tongues is a pretty effective way to clear a room (except in a Pentecostal church, anyway)

Haha! Perhaps standing there blubbing is possibly the safest. Maybe the most socially acceptable as I don’t really want to get kicked out, just a bit of space!

I want to go but im pretty anxouis about travelling to places ive never been

I hear you. My best advice is to try and do a week day. I’ve done both a Saturday and Friday visit and the Friday (lunchtime) was only half the number of people. The Saturday was horrific.

Getting there wasn’t too hard either. I came in via Kings Cross. Tube straight down to one of the Kensignton, change for Slone Square and its just outside the station.

If you take your time you should be ok. They are spot on with admission and very good with it. If your ticket says 1pm, you cant get in the queue before 12.45.

Ill try to sekhmet is telling me to go

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Aah the husband bought me tickets for my birthday! We’re going on a Wednesday in March, so hopefully it should be fairly quiet. :partying_face:

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