The Writing of a Skillful Scribe - An introduction to hieratic Middle Egyptian through the text of The Shipwrecked Sailor by William Clay Poe

I’ve only started learning from this book after finding it on

I’ve not found many free resources on hieratic, so this has been a very welcome find.

There is an introduction to the writing system, which although brief, doesn’t assume prior knowledge of the language or hieroglyphs.

The main body of the text is a study guide, which goes through the hieratic original line by line, introducing the glyphs, words and grammar as needed. Additional contextual information is also provided, explaining the historical details of activities mentioned.

The study guide is followed by the complete hieratic text.

After this there is some discussion of the rules of the grammar, and some glyph and word lists in various orders.

Although I’ve not gotten far with it yet, I figured I should share this find. At the very least, it has enough reference material for me to start producing hieratic writing myself.

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Thanks for this. I’ve studied Middle Egyptian via Allen’s Grammar etc for my BA, and that’s hard enough with nicely printed glyphs. Hieratic will be quite a challenge.