The Path to the New Hermopolis: The History, Philosophy, and Future of the City of Hermes by Mervat Nasser

If you’re a Djehuty fan, this is worth a read!

In this book, it talks about the city of Hermopolis which housed Djehuty’s ancient temple, speaks about Hermeticism and Dr Nasser’s thoughts on the legacy of the city and how the ancients inspire her current work. She is a humanist but is inspired by ancient Egypt and it’s spirituality, along with Hermetic philosophy.

Towards the end of this book she speaks about ‘New Hermopolis’, an ecological village which she founded close to the ancient site, along with her vision for the future.

I was fascinated by this book and although she is not Kemetic, she seems to be strongly influenced by Djehuty and Seshat for the majority of her work.

It’s a short book and I think it’s well written. The references in this book can be used to inspire your own research.

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