The artistic canon

Does anyone know of any good books, articles or other references for the Kemetic artistic canon? I find myself now at a point where I am reconstructing it rather than learning it from existing sources that have unraveled the process…

Some unfinished works where the construction lines remain have been quite insightful, and I’ve had some lucky guesses at working out proportions with grids, but its quite a daunting task otherwise. Identifying the idealised form of each hieroglyph is 1000 pieces of artwork or more before considering anything else (!)

This unfinished work from the astronomical ceiling in the tomb of Senenmut underneath the Djeser-Djeseru shows the often mentioned “18/19 fists” rule quite nicely in action.

I haven’t read anything on this book wise…

I’ve just searched online and I thought this was interesting: Notes on the construction of formal compositions with guidelines and grids

It seems that how the ancient Egyptians used grids changed over time and wasn’t used until the latter part of the Old Kingdom.

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