Spells for Amulets


So I’m thinking about buying an wedjat amulet (left eye of Horus that was healed by Djehuty).

Anyone know of any AE spells to empower an amulet?

Thanks :grinning:

As far as I can recall most amulets were either specific to a task and therefore had very specific inscriptions. General ones I don’t think they really did anything with (not that we know one way or the other I suppose). Personally I tend to just throw a load of incense smoke around it and present to my deity statues and ask that it help in whatever sphere it’s for.

In short I just make it up :slight_smile:

Others might be more structured and a better Kemetic than me and do a proper job :wink:


Haha thanks Kev!

I wasn’t aware that they were usually worn for a specific purpose, so that’s interesting.

I think mine will involve Natron water, reciting the specific myth/meanings that the image relates to and having a chat with my deities with a frankincense and myrrh candle going.

I’ll be interested to hear about what others may do.

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I could be very wrong but I always assumed the amulets came ready imbued with power, just by being made. Their job was to give power and therefore didn’t need “charging” as it were. I’d always connected the charging of items with modern western pagan systems.

I know the Kemetic Orthodox temple recommends putting statuary outside in the sun at Wep Ronpet but I’m not sure if that’s specifically to cleanse or to charge the statues.

From a purely witchy viewpoint, rather than Kemetic, I’d say “what’s the amulet for?”, “are there any deities connected to it and are they lunar or solar?” From there you could charge them in moonlight or midday sun, smoke cleanse according to the deity’s fave scents, maybe give it a stormwater bath etc


Some more interesting information. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

That is correct. My reference to having specific inscriptions were geared towards scarabs as they provided a good flat base on which you would often find some words, or papyrus amulets for children that were then rolled up and hung around their necks. There are plenty of examples for example in any of the medical paps.

As you say, they automatically are ‘powered’ by their creation due to their symbolic links via shape, material and colour. Any extra icing on the cake is up to the user.



Found this article from the Met museum!

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I will post up in the book review some of my fav amulet books during the week.

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I just charge mine on my altar next to the statues of the deities I request help from. I cleanse them same as my crystals with natron water and incense smoke.


Our of curiosity…

Has anyone else worn an amulet and feel that it’s heavy by the end of the day?

I have an amulet that I wear on a necklace (the one I spoke about earlier in this conversation). It’s a small silver one and it’s light in terms of it’s weight. It’s the wedjat.

If I wear it regularly it doesn’t seem to feel as heavy by the end of the day, but if I wear it occasionally, I notice that by the end of the day I need to take it off and I notice the difference.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience?

In a way. I have a ring that I use for various things and I don’t don’t wear it for long periods as it ‘feels’ a little heavy too after a week. It could all be psychological (from the skeptic in me). It just try to take a break if feeling too affected.

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I don’t think it’s psychological :thinking:

I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

Some crystals I can’t wear at all, I have a beautiful azurite and malachite but it gives me instant headaches. Other crystals bring me instant relief, cheer me up or make me feel more confident.

Similarly with my amulets, I get something different from each one. And I tend to put them on and take them off as I feel necessary. I’ve never had one that felt heavy, but I never sleep with them and they get cleansed and recharged on the altar as I go.
Maybe it’s a sign they’ve worked extra hard for you when they feel different at the end of the day?

I do leave it in the shrine each night. Perhaps as you say, I’ve had heavy use from it some days more than others.

I read an online forum belonging to a different belief system where some people have had the same experience as me. They put it down to the amulet being a powerful one (or more powerful than a person is used to) and it may be a case of the person getting used to it and wearing it regularly.

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That makes sense too. Some deities are more powerful or have stronger energies than others, so I guess related amulets could also be harder to attune to.

According to the forum, some amulets may be too powerful for someone to wear if it happens constantly through the day every day and they never get used to it.

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I would agree with that. I know when people see my custom made sekhmet amulet, some freak out and tell me to be cautious of her :joy:. She is one of those that’s not for everyone… Whereas little scarabs and the protective eye of Horus seems OK for most people.