Shrine Of Selket

A place for those that follow Selket can hang out.

My primary deity who I’ve been with since childhood. Depending on the date system you use (whether its adjusted or not), I mark her only festival on the 5th November and (with the usual date adjustment) another as minor festival on the 23rd October. The reason I make the later one a major festival is that I’ve always been closest to her around late October.

Just marked my Lesser Festival of Selket. The bigger one in in a couple of weeks and actually need to prepare for that one.

Was quite nice and confirming. And of course welcomed a number of new deity statues into the home officially :slight_smile:

From last night

On Tuesday is my biggest festival to Selket, unfortunately I will be out making merry rehearsing for a story telling event in a couple of weeks. To make up for that tomorrow I’m taking a few people down to my local spring to mark a two festivals to Hathor (Sunday, and last Wednesday), as well as one for my Selket. While they are not Kemetic I think they will get it :slight_smile:

Also, I will be requesting a blessing of inspiration and support for my Witchfest talk next Saturday at 3pm on Kemeticism. I hope to do her proud.

Take care all


I didn’t record much for this one but the area I visit can be seen in this video I did a couple of years back:

I found a wee Selket in my internet ramblings. @kev, i saw her and thought of you!

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Oooo a bronze one. Thank you!