Shrine of Ra the Sun

A place for those that follow Ra can hang out.

While I don’t specifically follow Ra, I do make a call to him every morning when I first see the sun (based loosely on a call I make to my own goddess):

Oh hail the flame that cometh over the horizon!
Mighty are the words of Ra
Blessed at are we at his coming
Dua Ra em hotep!

I burnt kapet at sunset for Ra today. During the day my net bots virtually burnt frankincense at dawn and myrrh at noon as i was at work. :slight_smile:

Beautiful evening.

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Oh and that ball of kapet was still burning over an hour later…

I am doing some work with Ra this weekend and next week, just one of those little rabbit holes we sometimes fall into. the signs are there: crystal diploma ended with sun meditations topic, my current crochet project includes ‘sun bursts’ (fiddly and not enjoying the blanket on my lap in this heat), we have glorious weather for it…so I shall report back soon. Any advice welcome though if you are familiar with Him.

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Very little connection to be honest. I just do the routine and hope for the best. :slight_smile: Not sure if I will ever actually do more than that as I don’t feel anything coming back from Ra so I will just leave it as is. I’m not really a sun lover as I can’t stand heat. Perhaps thats why. Don’t know. Anyway enjoy the weekend it looks to be nice again.

Not quite Ra specifically but a solar festival today for me: Coming Forth Of The Bennu Bird

Here are the on spot ad hoc words I came up with while at my local sacred spring on that day three years ago which I now tend to use along with other rituals:

Rise up, rise up!
Soul of Ra
You who is reborn
Return to the barque of Ra
Shine again with the fire of Kephra
Blessed are we at your return

Feel free to nick the words should you feel so inclined! :slight_smile:

Have a blessed day folks!


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