Shrine of Khonsu

A place for those that follow Khonsu can hang out.

Khonsu… Don’t know much about him, but he seems pretty cool! :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know the him that much. I do talk about him in a few of the stories I’ve been telling. Him and Thoth taught their magic to Isis.

I thought this was an interesting paragraph from Henadology WordPress:

Healing deities in Egyptian religion are also frequently violent, because they must do battle with the demons who cause sickness. Sekhmet is the classic example, and spell 311 compares the flame which comes from Khonsu’s mouth to the knife wielded by Sekhmet. The crescent moon was apparently also compared to a knife. Khonsu’s effectiveness as a God of healing is recorded by the ‘Bentresh stela’, which tells the story of a foreign wife of Ramses II whose younger sister Bentresh falls ill and is cured by Khonsu.

That is interesting and funny you should mention that particular story as its one I gave at an online moot last week and I’ve just released the videos for it this morning.

Awesome! Will have a watch at some point.

I’ve been thinking about getting involved in some sort of Moot, but I’m not sure. There is a Pagan Fed one that’s local. I think because I’ve been involved in ‘religious’ communities before and even participating was demanding, I’m a bit apprehensive about joining one again, even if Pagan this time around.

My ideal would be to join a local group of Kemetics for a coffee at a café, but as you know there are so few Kemetics dotted around the country!

Thought about going back to art class, but I’m lacking in inspiration and all I think think about is learning to write hieroglyphics!

Plenty of moots and luckily most online at the moment so you can always dip in and if things get heavy drop out without too much embrassment. I’ve been to plenty of moots in the past and wondered what on earth am I doing here :slight_smile:

Yeah too few of us and too spread out to meet up. I’ve no problem doing an online meet up if anyone is interested. I will post something up in the meet up thread.

Plenty of courses around. I have the ‘How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs’ by Mark Collier and Bill Manley. I think that book was a recommended one by one of the Egyptology groups I belong to.

Also if you want structure then there are a good few ones around though of course I would just look around and check out qualifications first to be sure. :slight_smile:

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Khonsu seems very mysterious to me, perhaps because he’s associated with the moon and all it’s silvery night time secrets.

Maybe we could start the monthly deity chat with Khonsu!

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