Ramesseum Magician's Box

This is an interesting artifact from the Ramesseum, with amazing contents in the box.

Just dropping this article I’ve not seen before regarding one item in it. When I get a moment I will throw in other resources I have on this.


Some more:

I don’t have the link, but Google books have a scanned copy in the public domain of the main research paper which is worth a look. Here is the front cover:

Oh yes and briefly mentioned in Bob Brier’s Egyptian Magic book. :slight_smile:

Oh wow. I’d never seen that before. What’s quite funny is that, since I’m getting into making over Barbie and other dolls as a hobby/potential business, is that all I can see is an ancient doll fanatic! They’ve even got reed pens instead of watercolour pencils (for repainting the faces). Lol!

P.s. did anyone notice the magic wands of the recent Tutankhamun exhibit were labelled as boomerangs?

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Cool! I can see a slight additional side line perhaps??? I do love a good poppet :slight_smile:

Yeah boomerangs. They are not labelled as that in the BM and Petrie :slight_smile:

I have been considering making some goddess themed custom dolls but wasn’t sure if there’s a market.

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You could give it a go and try some of the busy pagan fb groups. I’ve a few friends doing various types of goddess dolls and such like. You never know.

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