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Completely forgot to discuss some recent UPG here. Going to copy/paste what I’ve put so far over at Netjer.org

Post 1:
A few weeks ago, I had an earworm. It was the word iryt . No idea why but I kept saying it over and over to myself. Later in the day I was walking to the shops, when the image of Ra as a huge golden peacock came into my mind. On his tail were all the goddesses who serve as his eyes. I can’t get the image out of my head.

I know that there’s no historical link between Ra and peacocks but has anyone else made this connection? Ive no idea what it means but I’m sure it will become clear eventually.

Post 2:
So, I actually decided to do some googling and, obviously, things need verifying and/or taking with a pinch of salt. However, I found the following quote very interesting:

“Of all the birds, the peacock most resembles the traditional description of the phoenix. The phoenix is the legendary bird of resurrection that is sacrificed in the fires of life and then rises from the flames out of its own ashes. As a reflection of the phoenix, the peacock was often associated with immortality and re-birth, and considered sacred by many cultures and religions, including the Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Christian and Hindu.

…In Egypt the bird was linked to the worship of the sun god, Amon-Ra and associated with the all-seeing eye of Horus.”

I got this off a reflexology site so will look into it further tomorrow. In the meantime, din dins calls me!

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Further research has shown that there is indeed a type of peacock native to Africa. It was recently found in the Congo. It doesn’t have the ornamental tail of the Asian peacocks though.

I personally don’t think animals have to be native to Egypt for Netjer to adopt them as personal symbols. Obviously, I am aware that the majority of our knowledge of Netjer comes from Egypt and that They have strong cultural connections to that area. That being said, They are deities that go beyond our man made borders, even our world. I associate owls with Djehuty, Japanese style with Bast. I believe They enjoy other cultures and lands.

Whilst I am surprised to hear from Ra, I am pleased to find the peacock has strong connections to the Phoenix. One of my personal symbols is currently the Bennu, as I rise up stronger from some crap I was dealing with for a long time. (Two fingers up to chronic illness!)

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As soon as you mentioned the peacock I was going to say Bennu bird equivalence to the phoenix and of course your GOTM post… :slight_smile:

I’ll read through this thread later :grinning:


Thank you for sharing all of that :slightly_smiling_face:.

I think it’s uplifting to hear about someone’s UPG.

It’s refreshing to hear about another Kemetic’s personal experiences when it feels like there are so few Kemetics out there.


Thank you! I love reading about UPG and practices but blogs seem to be thin on the ground these days. Once upon a time, we had KiN (Kemetic independent network) and the Kemetic Roundtable.

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Interesting point. I haven’t really thought about that.