Personal Vocation

Do you feel like your deity/deities are calling you to work for them in a specific capacity?

Have they inspired you to choose a particular job, voluntary job, hobby or research?

Do you think they’re calling you to practice your path in a solitary way or in the community?

What light can you bring to a tough world?

Is it through personal ritual, offerings or prayer?
Is it through helping others in some way?

I once thought Anubis called me to the funeral industry, and I did enjoy my time as a funeral arranger (if one can use that word in such a capacity). Sadly, sickness forced me into unemployment and I’ve been that way for ten years. However, it has given me time to focus on my writing and spiritual path (as well as giving me the space to address various health issues I have).

I have been feeling the pull to serve the community in some way but I’m not sure how. I recently wrote a prayer for Nebet-Het that I was particularly proud of. It was given good feedback by a well known polytheist and I’m hoping I will be able to share the prayer more widely soon. I may write a collection of prayers for publishing.

My husband keeps suggesting I become some sort of minister for Kemetic weddings and funerals but, honestly, I doubt there are that many of us in the UK to make that a viable vocation :slight_smile:


Sekhmet came along to help me protect a friend and her children through domestic violence. She’s guided me to meet others and learn healing and heka. She gives me the passion, creativity and courage to face whatever is thrown at me, and to support those around me through their own difficult times.

Anubis on the other hand is teaching me to enjoy the silence and introspection.

Bastet came along much later than those 2, she brought along a bit of self love and protection.

I tried doing Egyptian themed boxes, and a few other bits but the etsy shop never really took off. L will be offering reiki and sekhem heka treatments eventually once I’ve settled back home. (moved 6 months ago and still trying to find some stability here).

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I feel like a newbie still finding my feet in some ways.

I feel as though I’ve been improving work wise and in a personal development kind of way. Basically, improving myself and learning more about the path.

I’m carrying on with daily practices/rituals where I can. I’ve still got a good relationship with Djehuty, which started at the beginning of this path. Also with Seshat and very recently with Bast. I do also chat to other Netjeru at times.

Djehuty is my main ‘go to’ deity and I do feel that he and Seshat want me to focus on learning and self improvement at this stage. I think there will be more work for me to do down the line. I have ideas about that, but I’m not completely sure and that may change as I learn more. I have a tendancy to jump the gun a bit and I’m sure the Netjeru know that :grin:

I have been invited to speak on that topic for the Pagan Seminary this year. Plans are moving and if I have anything to say over it, this will be in a higher visibility than it is now.