Offering Tables

Seeing this subject came up on Sunday with @MagpieMason and its a common question anyway, I thought I would post some photos I took while at the Petrie last year.

I quite often use a common house brick as its almost the same as some of these, especially for burning incense.

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I use stainless steal bowls.

I also just use bowls, either steel or ceramic. These are interesting.

I just use regular goods for offerings (resin burner for incense, bowls for liquids, etc), but, I have a small votive model of one of these offering tables that I keep in front of a statue of Wepwawet.

Got it on ebay I think, but it was some time ago now.


Oh wow that is so cute!

Thank you for sharing @kev, these are great! I really do need to visit the Petrie sometime. I’m really drawn to that one with the line of hieroglyphs down the middle, with columns of flowers on either side. It doesn’t look like its entry in the Petrie’s online catalog includes a translation, which is a shame. All the more reason I need to start learning hieroglyphics someday!


I decided to draw an offering table, so I have an image showing the food and drink I know my Netjeru like. I’ll be away for a week soon, so I wanted to leave an offering in my shrine until I get back.

I’ve written a formula in English around the edge similar to the formula examples on these sites:

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I use bowls and glasses too, just glass.