Innovations in faith?

Some time ago, there was a thread in which we were talking about our balance of tradition and UPG, and I am curious, which “innovations” do you use in your faith and where you dislike innovating, be it in larger theology, praxis or smaller theological elements such as epithets.

Hi there Djehutinedjem,

What do you mean by ‘innovations’?

Do you mean ‘modern’ innovations or do you mean it in a different sense?

This reminds me of the thread: Modern practices?

What I meant to ask about is whether you incorporate in your faith things you think of yourself, and how do you do that.

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Well I have created my own rituals, but based on my research of ancient rituals. I think of mine as a summerised/much shortened version. Sometimes my actions are based on my interpretation of the intentions behind the ancient traditions.