How is your Kemetic Path going today?

Hi all,

Just thought I’d send a quick message to see how everyone on KemTem UK is doing at the moment.

How is your path/life going?

Any UPGs, quotes, festivals, research, good books on the go or shiny Kemetic purchases?


Hey. To be utterly honest, utterly nothing at the moment. Too many mundane things to be getting on with at the moment. Next festival date will be at the end of the month which I should mark in some way as that one I like to. Other than my daily call to Ra in the morning and the occasional hello to the deity statues around me they aren’t getting a look-in. :slight_smile:

They are already familiar with this so not a big one and know what I’m doing isn’t sitting on the sofa watching TV. :slight_smile:

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If you’re happy and they’re happy, cool :sunglasses:

I’ve been able to spend time with my deities this week. I’ve been leaving offerings at my shrine and chatting during the day.

Work has been a struggle this week, so my little morning and evening prayers have helped to being some positivity. I managed to push through work yesterday and I’m hoping that today will be another good day.


I could not work out how to add a pic from my phone. So here’s the same post, without pic. I mounted a frame today, I did a big diamond painting of Anubis with a lion at his feet before Xmas and it now has pride of place in my front room. So that’s made me happy for this Weekend.


There is an upload (7th from the left) in the text tool bar. It then uploads and inserts a text link into the article which you can move around.


Thanks Kev. On the mobile it’s a little icon below the text box. There’s upload and preview icons in the right hand side. It’s not in the text tool bar for some reason

But the pic uploaded:)


Cool painting! :smile:

I’ve been experimenting with watercolour pencils this afternoon, but it wasn’t long before one of my kids wanted to get involved haha. I didn’t get very far!

I’m thinking about painting hieroglyphics to bring some Heka into my work space. Want to combine art and magic… But I’m struggling with inspiration these days. Still, it’s fun to try and think of ideas or experiment until an idea stands out.


It’s been mostly quiet, just dealing with mental health stuff. However, I’ve had two Anubis dreams this week (odd for me). In the first He was holding my hand, trying to get me through a crowd of loud and boisterous people.

The second, which I had two nights ago, involved Him telling me about someone getting sick. He said stocking up on cold and flu supplies would be a good idea. When I woke up, I couldn’t remember the name He had said so couldn’t pass the message on. Today I have been laid up with horrible sickness and have to get my third COVID test. I still can’t remember what name Anubis used but I know it wasn’t Senneferet.

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Sorry to hear about the mental health stuff and your sickness. I hope your Covid test comes back negative. Look after yourself. It sounds like Anubis is!


@Senneferet I sent up a prayer for you this morning.

I gave offerings to the deities I’ve been in contact with recently: Djehuty, Seshat, Sekhmet, Bast and Khonsu. That pretty much covers medicine, healing, protection, mental health, wisdom and knowledge!

I said I think it sounds like you can do with all the help you can get! :wink:

Oh yes I offered to Ma’at also.

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