Hi, I'm New To This


I’m new to this religion. I found this forum and thought I may join. I’m having trouble finding a home among modern Paganisms; I live remotely and such. I’m not interested in Goddess spirituality, Wicca (Tameran or otherwise) or other Pgan paths in general; I just straight up feel attracted to the Kemetic traditions. It’s slightly upsetting to see the Kemetic paths so empty compared to the comparatively more wellworn Heathenism, Hellenismos etc., so it’s some trouble finding accurate information.

I don’t think I’ll be posting as much as I’ll be reading.



Welcome to the forum! There’s not many of us, but we’re a pretty nice bunch with varied levels of involvement. I hope you find what you need here, if we can help you in any way, just ask :slight_smile:

I got started with the beginners course in kemetic orthodoxy (a more American based site), they taught me basic rituals and concepts. It was very good.

I then met Kev, who started and runs this one. We started chatting on a facebook post and have become good friends since. He’s always a great source of advice /info too.

Have a good day, and again, welcome to the kemetic temple

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Welcome to the forum!

There are a lot of Kemetics, but like you found and I did too, because we don’t find much in common with our pagans we tend to just go off and do our own thing. Hence the reason I created this place really. It is tough and reading does seem to fill in much of our time as there is always something to learn :slight_smile:

No problem if you want to lurk but if a question does come up don’t be afraid to ask it. Even if you think it might be a silly question as I’m sure others including myself will have asked it and a new perspective is always welcome.

Take care and good luck.

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Awwww thank you. Only because I’m a nosy bugger who likes to dig and ask awkward questions. :slight_smile:

Welcome to KemTemUK and to Kemeticism!

I’ve been reading books, researching online and I’m currently a member of my county’s Egyptology Society (whilst they’re online due to the pandemic). I also find Kemetic Reform helpful on Facebook, YouTube and books. There good sources of information out there. There are some listed on this forum.

Like kev mentioned, I’ve found that Kemetics tend to be solitary. I’ve found this forum helpful though!


Welcome! I’m fairly new too, it’s hard to find non wiccan type information on kemetism. However, there are a lot of books now plus You tube info too.
As this is a reconstructed path, there are a lot of opinions. I think in some respects, you will need to feel what is right and try to find correlating independent sources for some aspects.
I am reading Temple of the Cosmos (Naydler) at the moment, seems to be a good source of info initially?
Try also some Facebook groups, ‘Ancient Egyptian Religion and Magic’ seems quite good and they have a useful selection of guides to follow. Just my opinion though!!


Thanks for your welcomes, folks. As I don’t use Facebook I’m going to have to bypass that, but I’ve already been looking up stuff on YouTube. Some great reading hints here, too.



Em Hotep! Welcome to the group. Yes, Kemeticism doesn’t have the PR team of Heathenry but there are many groups and independent practitioners around the world. We all do things slightly differently but variety is the spice of life as they say! :+1::blush: