GOTM Club for December: Tasenetnofret

Is Tasenetnofret a goddess in Her own right, or an aspect of other goddesses? Let’s find out before secular new year!


Ah connection with Horus the Elder. One I have a particular interest in at the moment.

Yes indeed! He sprung up at Wer Ronpet for me. There’s so many rabbit holes to fall down when researching the Netjer


Tasenetnofret is a hard one to get information on, but I found bits of info here and there.

I find it interesting that Hathor has lots of different names and representations including Tasenetnofret. Hathor seems to have more than other deities I’ve come across.


I had a few interactions with Tasenetnofret while I was figuring out what Netjeru I was working with (It turned out to be Hethert-Amenti and Nebthet so you can probably see why the confusion happened).

It was a while back now, but I remember her being like Hethert and Nebthet, but distinctly neither. She was soft, but dignified, calm but firm. Quite deep and dark in colour but not in a “spooky” or “dead” way, more like the way a particularly valuable amethyst is. She was lovely for the time that I spoke to her, but insistent that I had not yet found the right person.

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My interactions with Tasenetnofret have been limited but She always seems to be at the end of any research rabbit hole I find myself on. I’ve made a lot of progress with Nebethet recently, and am pretty sure Hethert is watching over my daughter (got a message on the old gods hone that little one is The Grace of Hethert).

Research wise there is not a lot out there. Tasenetnofret, the good wife, crops up in association with Heru-Wer, possibly as a title for Hethert or as a goddess in Her own right. Most online sources label Her as a special form of Hathor.

Some have described Her as the boundary between Nebethet and Hethert. One person even wonderfully likened Her to a gothic, Art Deco style jazz baby. She is dark but glamorous. If you like Dita Von Teese, you might understand better!

I love this description! She’s less goth, more Dark Cabaret.