Encouraging personal connection/UPG

Hi all,

I’ve found that I’ve had my head stuck in ancient Egyptian research more than applying practices (although you could argue that reading is part of practicing). I’ve still been having personal experiences with my deities, which is good but perhaps the balance between research and practice has become a bit unbalanced.

Perhaps this is a common temptation for someone who is an independent ‘recon’ . What do you think?

How do you balance research and practice? How does your research inspire your UPG and personal connection to the spiritual?

Interesting! I have probably been more the opposite way around recently.
Good reminder to do more reading, thank you!

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Actually, this topic links to another question. How do you like to/tend to practice discernment for your personal experiences?

My practice is very varying about this, lately I’ve been incorporating more history but I still value UPG, it just doesn’t come to me easily.

As for discernment, I usually trust instincts.

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