Digital portable shrine

Someone shared this on the Kemetic Reform group on Facebook ages ago.

I downloaded a Puja app on my phone and Instead of having the original Hindu deities on there, I have changed them to Netjeru. I have also changed the name and description of each deity. The ‘Help’ option on the app tells you how to use it and how Hindus would give offerings on it. Sounds pretty much like Ancient Egyptian practice, so that’s handy! It makes for a good travelling shrine when you’re on the go!

I feel a bit bad about replacing the Hindu deities on there, so I may also add a Hindu symbol in one of the empty areas out of appreciation.

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How did you change it? Did you change the images?

Hi, yes I changed the images and the names. There’s a line of three dots on the right at the bottom of the screen when you’re in one of the images. If you press on there a menu comes up.

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Great idea. I don’t like digital stuff myself, but I can see the practicality and appeal.

I have set up a travelling altar in my car instead, so I can spray perfume and make other offerings as I go eg I bought a lion sticker, dedicated it to Sekhmet and put it on the car. My friends think I’m crazy buying preaenta for the car, little do they know…

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