Daily Devotions

Hi all,

The above popped up on my Facebook recently. It inspired me to get back to visiting my shrine daily where possible. I had gotten out of the habit of visiting shrine and when I went back to my short daily ritual, I really felt the difference. I find that having a daily ritual helps me connect to my Netjeru and I can really feel their presence at shrine.

I think there is something special about offering to Djehuty and Seshat’s images and offering food/drink to them with a genuine heart. Doesn’t matter if I’m happy or feel like a mess.

I’ve been stressed out recently because I have so much going on, but making the effort to visit the images of my deities, has brought me calm and comfort.

I don’t think it’s essential to have a shrine but I find that it works well for me.

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My daily practice is a short prayer/god/day. Nothing more. And I’m mostly okay with that.

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I used to have some prayer beads I would use to give thanks before bed. I really must find them.


I also have a short prayer for purification and rejuvenation when showering. I find it helps particularly after a hard day.

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Em hotep jak možná víte jsem z KO . takže dělám Senut většinou odpoledne až přijdu z práce,o vykendu se snažím dříve. A večer se jdu jen pomodlit a promluvit s Netjeru . Co jsem prožila za celý den atd … Potom udělám Heku a jdu spát . Senebty Zuzana

Em hotep, as you may know, I am from KO. So I do Senut in the afternoon when I come back from work. And in the evening I go to pray and talk to the Netjeru. What I experienced in the day, etc. Then I do Heka and go sleep.
Senebty Zuzana.

(I hope doing those translations is okay, if it isn’t I won’t do it)

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Em hotep jsem ráda že to překládate a je to v pořádku senebty Zuzana

Glad to have good translations :slightly_smiling_face: