Astrology in Ancient Egypt

Does anyone know much about this topic? I am interested and would like to know more via decent sources. Or perhaps it’s a subject that is a bit scant in original/reliable sources.

The only bit of information I have found is regarding the circular and rectangle zodiacs of Dendera from the ceiling of Hathor’s temple. I believe it was created in the Graeco-Roman period?

Is there any evidence of astrology in Ancient Egypt before this?


I recalling looking further. The EES had a load of articles on this topic over the last century. You have Dendera but you also have the earlier Seti I tomb. There was a lot of material out there. I suggest looking for ‘Deacon Star Maps’ or something. Have a vague memory of something like the book of the Heavenly Cow having lists of the stars or something. My memory is a bit shaking on this topic.

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Thanks! That’s helpful :smiley: