A Desert Priestess: A Memoir by Anne Key

This book is about a woman who was a priestess for the ‘Temple of Goddess spirituality: Dedicated to Sekhmet’ in Nevada: https://www.sekhmettemple.org/

It interested me because I wanted to see an example of a modern priestess.

However, I wasn’t a fan of this book. Probably not Kemetic enough for me as she focused on a range of Goddesses & different spiritualities. She did focus specifically on Sekhmet for the second half/beyond the second half of the book but personally, I felt that there wasn’t enough focus on Sekhmet.

I generally found the book lacking in depth because there was a lot of focus on the general day to day duties & practicalities of the rituals. There was some focus on personal experiences with Sekhmet, but I would like to see more exploration of this.

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