A beautiful statue and some questions...?

I came across this wonderful work by a fellow devotee of Ptah on Reddit, and thought you might appreciate it also.

The Netjer represented here is Zanehemu (MdC: z:n-H-m-w-L4-A40).

I’m wondering if anyone has any resources about Him, or experiences? There is not much easily found with this spelling so far with Google… although I have a few references to follow up from looking in books.

Looking online he’s also known as Senehem? I’m not familiar with this deity. Looking online he’s a minor deity that protects against locusts?

From OP:

I had never heard of him before before talking to Ptahmassu. He told me how he envisioned him and that I am the one to birth the image. I knew nothing about this god and went by a pure mechanical approach. Soon, things started happening. I started encountering grasshoppers and crickets, stopping in front of me and looking at me for a long time before moving on. It’s really interesting.
He is a fairly unknown deity and has no images of him preserved up until today. Now he has got one for the first time in millennia.

I found this interesting too.

We don’t often get crickets around here… but I had one in the living room the night before seeing this, and I let it be as best I could… although at one point I startled it and have no idea where it went after that.

I assume it was a cricket because it started singing … and I assume it has left because I’ve not heard it since.

Ptahmassu’s work is also very beautiful. He has a blog and some info out there…

I’m not actually a great fan of the modernised style, but I do think he is incredibly talented and deserving of praise for his artwork, skill and persistence.