Witchcraft and Kemeticism

I’ve been feeling a real pull to develop my witchcraft. Does anyone practice and do you do it in conjunction to your Kemeticism?

Plenty do mix. I mix Chaos Magic principles to fill in the gaps of Kemetism so just keep in mind context of us on both sides and go nuts :slight_smile:

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I’m only focusing on Kemeticism at the moment. Plenty for me to learn/develop in that area alone and no pull towards anything else.


Heka is an integral part of kemeticism. I’m not very good with modern wiccan stuff, keeping up with the moon or using a set altar for example. But I do use Egyptian magic all the time. I can’t see how you can separate the two, devotional practices and heka are so interconnected.


Could you please explain I’m not sure if I’m interested but I would like to know more if you don’t mind

Welcome. Which bit? :slight_smile: No seriously there is a lot on both sides and much to get you started. Knowing a bit where you are coming from and where you want to aim might help in guidance.

What we could do with is a new topic on this. Lets go there…