Wep Ron Pet - New Year

Couldn’t think of a great place to post this so here maybe ok as it’s a festival/temple like thing.

I mark mine along the old kingdom time based around summer solstice (by later times coinciding with Nile flood and Sirius have shifted later).

Well at noon today I marked the start of my five days plus to more for some later festivals.

Will upload a load of photos later as this is my only one where I’m in daylight and more relaxed to take them.

Today at noon was wonderful, sun out though a little breezy, my jasmine now in blossom and smelling incredible. So too the handfuls of incense! Shame my fig wasnt rope so had to buy some. No pomegranates and I’m out of tiger nuts for cake too ! :frowning:

Followed with a wonderful phone call with a friend.

Same again tomorrow and almost the same for three times a day for the next week!

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Lovely photos kev! Happy Feasting/Festival-ing! Looking forward to more photos.

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