Welcome to Kemetic Temple UK


Welcome seekers! Here we are, a brand new home specifically aimed at those of us in the UK who are far from our spiritual home of ancient Egypt. You will find a place that others who share the love of those ancient stories, gods, art and the wonder, where we can talk and seek a deeper connection with a past that is still well and truly alive.

All are welcome, from those that are just interested in including Egyptian deities in their other practices to those that want to become fully immersed in Kemetic reconstructionism.

And did I say this was a free service and its brand new (March 2018)? It is you know :slight_smile:

Please be aware that before you can post, you need to sign-up. A sign-up is required to ensure we don’t get hit by spammers and the like. Of course authorisation is by a human and we do need to sleep so there could be a delay in allowing access and apologies in advance.