Welcome and Introductions

Hey. Im a south african who moved to the uk. Formally an athiest but now I’m kemetic. I mainly worship anpu,auset,nephthys,set and ra. Though im new to all this.

Thought id join in hopes of making some friends and learning more stuff. Battling to make friends here in the uk.

I had really heavy experiences with anubis and nephthys. That turned me to them.


Welcome aboard! Feel free to post any questions, we’re all of varying stages of our journey with this bunch of deities, and from pretty much every conversation I have with someone we’ve most likely been there and will sympathise. :slight_smile:

Well I been told I’m connected to anubis and nephthys. Not sure what it means haha. But he sends my signs constantly. And i have this extreme love for those two. I find it weird.

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Hello and welcome! I also follow Anpu/Anup

Hello! I’m Hayley. :slight_smile:

I have been intermittently walking my path of Kemeticism for 10+ years, but life gets in the way. I heard about this site at Witchfest so thought I’d give it a try and reconnect with the community a bit.

My introduction into Kemeticism was Seshat - I stumbled across her while doing general research and, well, she never really left!
I have also worked with Thoth.


Welcome Hayley!. Glad you popped over to say hello. Hope you enjoyed WItchfest, it was its usual manic atmosphere :slight_smile:

Feel free to poke around and ask any questions, some of the common ones may already have some threads on. Enjoy and catch up at some point.

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Welcome Hayley! It’s nice to see some new faces :slight_smile:



Im new here, (obviously) I have studied Egyptology since i was a little girl and my God mother got me into it. I have a few diplomas (online type course) in egyptology and am working towards a degree on it. I decided to convert to Kemetic about 10 years ago and am glad to have finally found something based in the UK. Alot of my research into Egyptology has been based around Ma’at.

Really look forward to getting to know people with the same interest



Hi and welcome! You are in fine company as we’ve all pretty much landed the same way. Feel free to wonder about and ask as many questions as you want.


Hi, so I thought I’d introduce myself properly. I have touched on a bit elsewhere already.

I was born into an Evangelical Christian home and I was very into it! I then converted to Catholicism and thought about paganism, almost become a Catholic nun but within that process acknowledged that I was a lesbian (I had always been interested in women, but thought it was ‘a phase’), met my wife and had a Civil Partnership (just before gay marriage was legal). Went around the Christian denominations, then became an atheist for years and was very angry with Christianity.

Aphrodite had been around in the background for years until I finally acknowledged her this year. From there I’ve been lead to Kemeticism. My interest in Kemeticism started via my painting hobby. I painted a scene from Tutankhamen’s tomb… A project I chose and discovered that it was the exact same painting that my art tutor had painted as his first ever project (he said it was a good painting and didn’t need to give me advice). The day I finished it is the day he died of cancer (although I did some touch ups on the Painting later). He left me on that same day with one of his small paintings of a swan which now sits in an unintentional alter/shrine to Aphrodite, which had developed over the years.

I have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt, but painting their pictures/hieroglyphics lead me back into my fascination stating with that painting I mentioned. I also fell like perhaps Aphrodite has handed me over to the Egyptian pantheon.

One further painting in particular has affected me. I decided to paint an Ancient Egyptian style mandala deciding what to paint as I went along… By the time I got to the middle I got to the Eye of Djehuty, which surprised me. However, every time I walked past that painting in my hallway, I felt reassured and protected (this was at the start of Covid 19).

Since lockdown, I have moved this painting into my work space on an art easel with some if my paint brushes and materials below the painting. Also have my plan there for my current project, a tomb Painting of Nefertari and Isis. It’s become another alter but I didn’t initially intend it to be. My art desk turned into a home working space, which has turned into a sacred space.

A big way I feel connected to Djehuty and by extension Seshat is through my work. I work for local government and I’m home working during the pandemic. I feel that Djehuty and Seshat are now part of the digital age. I have also started volunteering as a ‘digital champion’ at work to help others get to grips with new tech and software.

I now have a simple practice and routine starting with the 42 principles of Maat as I begin work, a water offering to Djehuty (who I work with throughout my working day), Seshat (there in the background) and at times Isis (she comes and goes usually at the end of my working day and the start of family life). A food offering part way through the day too. I then close the working day with a chat with Djehuty about how it’s gone, what I have learned ans also about personal life. Seshat tends to be part of personal life chats.

I feel like a modern version of an ancient scribe!

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Ah yes… And no one in the offline world knows that I’ve been entering into Kemeticism! Keeping it to myself for now. My wife knows about my fascination with Ancient Egypt, my paintings etc but not that I’ve been working with the gods/goddesses!

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Hello and welcome! I hope you find us to be an easy going bunch, who are happy to chat. Senebty, Senneferet

Thank you for sharing that. We do eventually find our home. Quite a fan of Thoth myself he is sat facing me within arms reach right now. Expression through our own art is very satisfying isn’t it?

Anyway, welcome, feel free to ask any questions as @Senneferet says, we’re all easy going here and a good natter can set off an interesting chain down any nearby rabbit holes.


Thank you for the welcome Senneferet and kev. Thanks for reading my long post! I’m glad I’ve found this forum. It’s nice to be able to chat about all of this freely and to ask experienced Kemetics questions.

Easy going is a good thing.

Being at the start of this path, I’m very excited about reading and researching. At the moment I’m trying to learn whenever I have the time.

A challenge for another day is to tell my wife about this. She is currently an atheist and not a fan of any spiritual practices. I totally understand that because I’ve been through it myself. I think she may still be in the ‘angry’ phase I’ve just left.

If at some point I start thinking about using incense and sitting in a darkened room in front of an alter, I’ll definitely have to tell her. She might notice something haha!


Hopefully your wife will come round. My husband is Church of England and it’s taken a few years for him to relax and see things from a different point of view.

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Oh wow. Bit of a long process then, but I can understand why.


He’s fantastic now, more of a henotheist than monotheist. He says “gods bless”, asks how They are, encourages me to spend time in shrine etc. I also respect his beliefs, recording stuff about the church, going with him to church on special occasions. We have very in depth discussions about the nature of faith without trying to convert each other. I’m sure your wife will understand, she loves and respects you.


Ah yes the long chats about comparative religion. I know those well as my wife is Christian and we will all sit at the table and chat about things. I do though remember a few times she has come home from their Sunday school helper’s meetings and she said they did a thing of writing on a bit of paper and dropping in a bowl of water to bring their wish to reality. I pointed at her and said she is a witch! We both laughed and agreed its a blurry line at times. :slight_smile:

So long as we see the common points between the religions things are great. Its a shame some have to use the differences as weapons. And pagans are no different sometimes in that regard believe me, I’ve had more pagans have a go at my Kemetism than Christians have.


Well her first reaction wasn’t a good one. I expected that there would be an angry response at first. She then apologised for the reaction and has accepted my Kemeric path.

She did say that she’d like me to feel like I can discuss my beliefs, practices etc. She’s always loved the fact that I’m an ‘interesting person’.

However, there is still quite a lot of anger/hurt regarding previous experiences with Christianity, which is transferred to other spiritual paths also. I think partly because she doesn’t understand the differences between this path and a Christian one in some ways. The anger and hurt still comes through even in general discussions about beliefs.

She knows bits an pieces about what I think/believe, but not a great deal yet. She is still reluctant to know more and as a newbie I don’t feel ready for an in depth discussion yet either.

I think she fears that it’ll change and take me away from her. I think once she realises that I’m not going anywhere, she might feel a bit better.

I think we’ll get there bit by bit!

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It is early days. When I met my wife she was on the fence regarding her faith. She tried to grasp a little what I do, but I have no idea how to describe much of what I do so she didn’t really get it in the end and when the kids came along the local church ran kids groups and she fell in with the church. She is happy and that is the important part.

Yes we both have expressed that because we are different that part of our lives we can’t share together. She has been to one camp with me and didn’t like it, and I’ve been to her church one or twice for events that were special for her. We don’t really have the same circle of friends because of that.

It can be hard on both sides. Nevertheless we work through it and because we have similar experiences but they are called something different we can get what each other is about and can talk about it. That might be worth remembering and pointing out.

Keep at it as I’m sure you will both get there!