Welcome and Introductions


Hi. Welcome to our shiny new home. I’m Kev, and I thought I might kick off with an introduction which you are welcome to do yourself if you feel you can.

I’ve been interested, or more precisely, im love with ancient Egypt since childhood and came find that those wonderful gods were lurking ready to make contact very early.

I wont do the whole story, lol, I have a book that does that, but what I will say is for anyone else who finds those ancient powers touch them, its a wild ride. Hard work of course, even if we have loads of information, but its worth it. Enjoy and lets travel this path together.



Hi, I’m Tattered, aka Tat, I was recommended here by a mutual acquaintance of Kev’s. I’ve been interested in all things to do with Kemet since my early childhood, and have been more serious in my personal studies of Kemetic practices for the last 20 years nearly. It’s great to finally find a community that’s UK based dedicated to the study of Kemeticism.


Hey! Good to see you here. Welcome! Hopefully in time this will build and build. We need it, as you say not many places for us to hang out in a Kemetic kinda way :slight_smile:


I’m Tai’awepwawet, I’m a Kemetic Orthodox Shemsu (although I spent a long time as an independent and still consider myself a boat paddler). I found the forums via the KCBB post, once Facebook algorithms finally deigned to show it to me :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been Kemetic for about 10-15 years, idk. I like to do a bit of reading and visit a museum now and then but honestly don’t get too caught up in the academic side of Kemeticism because my mental health doesn’t allow me to and I don’t see it as a requirement. So I’m fairly laid back and chill, although I hope to become a priest in the future. I’m happy to see a UK centric space, there’s not enough UK (or even EU) focus when it comes to Kemeticism.


Welcome! Of course how much we throw in to research is a personal thing. Early on I spent a lot of time, then I hit a number of brick walls and went down a chaos magic path for a long time, and now, well, due to a few odd events from my deities I’ve come full circle and ploughed back into full research mode. I think the long break gave me skills (such as the choas magic’s acceptance that change is good), to cope with the level of commitment.

So long as you are enjoying what you have, that is great. If time comes and you want to know more then do what you can. The gods are never far away I’ve found, and often let us do what we need to do.

This place I created as we’ve all found, there really isnt that much for Kemeticism in the UK. I’m here to stay as I’ve been search years for one, and decided if one isnt here then we need to create one. :slight_smile:

Lurk if you want, contribute when you want. We are here to share our common love.


Hi, Tai’awepwawet! Welcome! I hope that you’re so far finding yourself welcome so far, and settling in well. It’s grand to see another face in here. Thank you for your interesting list of contributions, which I have enjoyereaing this evening. As Kev says, we’re hopefully here to stay, so pull up a seat and make yourself comfortable.

~ Tat


Hi all I’m Aradia. I was reclaimed by my Goddess on an early trip to Egypt in 2002 (seriously - seized in the middle of Luxor temple surrounded by tourists. A very surreal experience!) She requires me to formalise our relationship and discover/rediscover older patterns of worship and develop something that suits a more modern lifestyle. I’m looking forward to meeting others who take this seriously.


Wow must have been a bit of a shock! :slight_smile: They seem to like those kinds of surprises. Welcome and do feel free to share what you want or ask questions. I’ve often said in my talks and writing that there are no dumb questions. I’m always asking dumb questions often to find there are even more dumb questions I need to ask :wink:

Take care and catch you around.


I’m nachtzehren.

I’ve had an interest in Kemetism since mid/late-childhood, and it has expanded since then. I actually started exploring it again as a tangential re-ignition/calling from also re-engaging with the vampire community.

It’s good to see a UK-based community.

…Now I need to brush up on my hieroglyphs again! (I was bored one summer.)


Hi! Yes, so many groups have come and gone. I intend this one to remain as I’ve long looked for groups myself :slight_smile:

Good luck with the hieroglyphs. The two books I use are:

‘How to read Egyptian hieroglyphs’, Mark Collier, Bill Manly, British Museum Press.
‘Hieroglyphics Dictionary - A middle Egyptian Vocabulary’, Bill Petty Phd, Museum Tours Press.

Feel free to ask away. It may be quiet as we’re still young but any questions to rouse us are welcome.



Hi, I’m Falkenna. I hope I’m welcome here, as I’m an eclectic and animist. However, my first ritual training was Kemetic and on occasion I return, or am called back, and am currently developing a new deity relationship within the fold, although I don’t feel it will necessarily be in a traditional form.


You sure are welcome! As the welcome note says, even if you are not traditional are welcome. Feel free to throw questions and to comment how you feel.



Hi everyone

I go by the name of Anippe online, and I have been a remetj in KO for about 3 years. I have mostly gone my own way, but still like to attend their akhu rites when i can. I find the rest of their online meetings are in a time zone incompatible with holding a job here in the uk. (I love praying but getting up at 1 or 2 am with zero chance of falling asleep again until 5am, not good)

I have always loved ancient egypt, grew up reading Christian Jacq novels and researching gods and goddesses. I haven’t learnt hieroglyphics yet, but it is on my to do list. (Yep, the neverending list).

I have a few Egyptian themed tattoos but that is a story for another day.

Thank you for allowing me to join you here.it sure has been a lonely path.


Welcome and I hope you find some kindred souls here. With the KO not quite to UK taste at times we do need something here, and in this case, without the enforced structure.

Oh I love Christian Jacq! Some great stuff there.


Hi. So good to have found this site. I’ve always had a bit of a resonance with Ancient Egypt but taking a Diploma in Ancient Egyptian Sekhem & Gem Mastery really fuelled things for me and so here I am and ready to learn even more!