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Throw us your favourite information/research web links


So love the Egypt Exploration Society. Been a member since the mid '90s… Excellent journal and events too!


My YouTube channel… Lost of bits but also a few things of Kemetic practice…


This one will hopefully be find a new home later in the year:



This is a hugely useful page, and while I down’t own a copy fo the full book, the daily festivals bit alone is handy to have, and it posts some really gorgeous pictures.


I do see that pop up a fair bit. I keep meaning to have a look but I just can’t cope with more festivals right now! Wayyyyyy too many as it is :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, the number of festivals that it contains is very extensive. I have a very select number that I celebrate, because as you say, there are already A LOT. It’s great though to have the calendar, and to have the seasons/ months available.


Just been reminded (due to an email) that https://www.academia.edu has loads of wonderful papers coming out all the time. Well worth a look.


This one looks interesting on the AE language:


Just spotted…



I really don’t have time for another degree (already have a few degrees in mind should that time come!) but really MUST take a look at this. I’m going to give one of the taster’s a go first…




which I’ve linked elsewhere, are my two most frequently checked links for information on deities.


The first sounds familiar, not seen that second one before, so thanks for that! There are a few good sources on jackals, a guy called Terrence De’… is one of the best. I met him at an EES event some years ago. I can’t remember if I’ve put my book list up. If not I will dig his references. Thanks.


Terence DuQuesne. He was my mentor and I am the owner of per-sabu.org. (waves @Allati) I’m happily back in the UK after being away for six years and glad to see a UK kemetic group. :smile:


Ah I think we’ve met then. I remember going to an EES event where he was presenting a paper and saying hello to a Kemetic researcher working for him. That was a few years back now :slight_smile:

Anyway welcome! Good to have another join us :slight_smile: Feel free to post away.


Ah yes. That certainly would have been me. His talk on that occasion would have been: “ANUBIS AND SETH - a study in ambivalence” if that sounds familiar?


That does sound familiar. Yay! Hello again then :slight_smile:


A few public resources from my Introduction course Oxford Uni that are quite handy, some of which I wasn’t aware of:

More to come!