Virus and isolation check in

Yeah. I got Covid-19 once before the vaccines, but thankfully I was asymptomatic.

One or two people at work currently have it, but they’ve been jabbed.

I hope we all stay healthy over autumn/winter.

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Hi all,

Merry Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas for tomorrow!:christmas_tree:How is everyone doing?

My household are staying with one other family household this Christmas season, which is lovely.
However, some of my extended family have Covid, are isolating or are staying safe on their own.

Apart from staying with one household, we’re only going out for walks together. We’re enjoying quality time together though!

We’re in Devon with in laws. Sharing a holiday let by the sea. Getting some much needed down time xx

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Late Happy Holidays from me!

I am currently at home, taking a rest and celebrating Wep Ronpet to the end of the civil year.

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Hello everyone! I thought I’d check in with you all to see how you’re doing. In the UK, the restrictions are lifting further with isolation periods no longer being enforced by law. It changes this Thursday.

We also have other changes where free COVID-19 tests will be stopping in April. Spring booster vaccinations will only be available for people over an age limit (of about 75 years old I believe) and for people with autoimmune disorders.

A lot of changes!

I’m glad to be getting back to normal, but of course the virus is still out there and variants will come and go!

Well, myself and my family had covid-19 about two weeks ago, but we’re all okay. Well, sort of lol. I caught another virus last weekend and still getting over that. At least I’m towards the end of that.

How is everyone?

Currently we’re trying to eliminate the last mask laws, only time will tell how good of an idea that is.

Otherwise, I feel fine.

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Hi all,

How is everyone doing now we’re further down the line?

I’ve currently got Covid for the third time. Feels like a weird sort of limbo. On the one hand I have to work from home full time until my test is negative and on the other hand, life goes on as normal (apart from a ‘recommendation’ to stay away from others).

It feels like we’re almost back to normal, but not quite! I wonder how long this strange limbo will go on for…