Virus and isolation check in

Hello all! Thought I’d check in to see how everyone is doing in these crazy times. My family are currently is isolation as baby and I have nasty coughs. We’re going to be spending the time boxing up for a house move, cleaning, and working on craft projects (in addition to spending time together, of course)

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Hi! Glad you are safe and sound. I’m working from home now. Hope the move goes well.

For anyone wanting to try something new EES are planning online lectures:

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Oh and if anyone wants to fire up the chat client here or would prefer skype (ksoftcreativeprojects) then thats fine. Using skype for work so I’m on all the time at the moment :slight_smile:
Stay safe folks!

Hi. I hope you are feeling better today and your move worked out.

Take care

Feeling a bit better thanks, we’re still trying to slowly shift boxes in our car as we currently can’t get hold of a cheap man with a van! :smile: the good news is that our new place has a garden we can get fresh air in for the next fortnight. Hope you are well

That is such good news (about the health), a pain I know moving by car. I had to do that with the last move myself. A garden too! I’m sure you will all enjoy that fully, especially the little one :slight_smile: Good luck with the rest of the move and a new start even now is something to be excited about.

Such a wonderful sunny day down here and its nice to enjoy what we have. We’re fine thanks and I hope the rest of you all here are doing OK. Just off the phone with my parents and they are fine which is good considering the irresponsible and down right dangerous selfish behaviour that seems to be going on right now. Such situations do bring out the best and worse in people, so stay safe all of you and do check in if you feel you need to.

I’m currently decorating the new sound box for my harp and then I’m going to have to look at some announcements about the (lack of) storytelling performances this year. Ho hum.

We’ll get through this and hopefully some very big questions will be asked about every aspect of our lives.

Take care folks

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I hope everyone is hanging in there. I’ve now recorded a few items for various online festivals and while they are exclusive content for them, I will just check to see if they let me release them early for this group as we are after all ‘away from the crowds’.

Take care all

We’re doing ok here, thanks. I managed to brave Tesco on Saturday - that was quite an experience. Stay safe everyone

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Hey folks. How everyone? I’m on a knifes edge over many things right now and hopefully will keep it together long enough. It’s tough isn’t it? Hang in there and we’ll get there in the end so long as idiots don’t mess it up. Tc kev

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Easing lockdown feels like a strange kind of in-between state. I’m doing well, but also wary. Trying not to slip into normality too much.

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Yeah I’ve heard about all these things we can now do. I’ve extremely wary myself. We’ve had one death already in the family, another in a bad state (that one is super fit and youngish), and lots of friends struggling with it. Really want to keep the risks down even if it upsets family.

The local beaches here in east Kent have shown how dumb people can be and I have friends and family who have witnessed it themselves so know its not the press hyping things up.

Be careful folks!

That’s awful kev! Sorry to hear that. It can be very difficult to know what the wisest decisions are when relying on the news for information.

What I think changes day by day. To trust the government or not to trust the government… That is the question.

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Thank you, and yes, to trust or not trust. I think no matter what political flavour we happen to support, in this case, my view is do what we feel is best and hope its the right decision. Personally I don’t trust they are making the right decisions but then what do I know? In any case I will be looking after my family how I feel I should.

Take care and hopefully see you on the other side of this. I was hoping that after our couple of mini-meets last year we might be able to do something again. Looks like that will be next year now.

Yes I think you’re right. We can only make the best decisions we can and hope they are the right ones! Such a strange situation to be in.

Stay safe and yes I hope we all make it to the other side of this.

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Ankh wedja seneb to everyone!

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Finishing off getting my online shop ready this weekend to launch properly in the next week or so. Feels so trivial in the scale of what is going on at the moment so I felt compelled to film this.

I’ve not had the gang out for a while for full on ritual as this home office space is actually their temple space that I’ve invaded. Oh and before a certain person asks where is my Min statue. I’ve not finished him yet.

Hopefully with a major festival due in a couple of weeks I might be feel reconnected. Take care all

Looks lovely Kev! The statues look impressive. I’m trying to figure out where I can have a permanent alter in my home. I think I’ll have to have a clear out before I find that though!

I feel that a permanent alter would be helpful for me. I’m thinking about a small oil burner instead of incense, because I don’t get on with the smoke. I hope that the gods/goddesses will still appreciate an oil burner.

Thanks. They are currently separated on two shelves, its only during ritual that they come together. I use a DVD shelf as the gaps are tall enough for statues and as its a high thin one it goes in the corner of the chimney stack quite nicely.

They don’t mind oil or even cones. Something to smell nice is all that matters :slight_smile:

Good luck with that search

Thanks. I’ve got a good little space for a shrine (cabinet), but it’s so frustrating that the shops are shut. I can’t go out shopping for items to go in it. It looks like statues online are expensive, but I’m on a budget! Tricky!

I’m eager to fill my shrine with items that are helpful for daily practice, but I don’t think I can’t create what I have in mind. So frustrating!

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Here is what I have if it helps. Depends on if you need a wide space. For me that is not an option :slight_smile: