Usage of software in Kemetism?

This is a question provoked when I was playing with Stellarium (an open source planetarium program) and its Observability plug-in, realizing it’d be cool to use when making a calendar for the next year.

Anyways, that provoked a question of me, whether others already use some programs, apps and software in their faith and how?

That’s an interesting question Djehutinedjem!

I downloaded Stellarium, but I don’t really use it. I think it’s fun though!

I have an app called ‘Tide Times’ that gives me information about the tide & the moon in my local area. I also use an app called ‘Safer Seas & River service’ which tracks local sea pollution. These have a practical use for me when I go to the seafront or want to swim in the sea. In a way, being close to the sea helps with my spiritual connection. I often think of Akhu and Netjeru when I’m by or in the sea.

I have also done the occasional ritual for a Kemetic feast, where the local moon phase coincides with the ancient timing for the same festival.

I also downloaded ‘Daff Moon’, but that’s fun for me rather than spiritual.

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