The Five Gifts of Hathor

Hi all,

I’ve seen a couple of posts about this on the Internet lately. I like to practice this from time to time and especially in hard times.

Today I’m greatful for:

1/. Working from home.
2/. Work not being busy.
3/. Celebrating a birthday with cake.
4/. Happy kids.
5/. It’s Spring.

What are you thankful for today?

For more information about the 5 Gifts of Hathor:


Today I’m thankful for the exam being next week, having the ability to relax for a bit, the weather getting better, having understanding people around me and of course, the Gods.


I try to do this every night as I get ready for bed. It helps me assess my day and calm my mind. Yesterday I was grateful for my daughter feeling better after a tough couple of days, having dinner cooked for me by my husband, having time to myself, my cat knowing when I need a hug, having a safe, comfortable home.

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