The Egyptian Book of the Dead , The Book of Going Forth by Day

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I’ve been reading the revised edition by Dr Ogden Goelet Jr, Dr Raymond O Faulkner, Carol. A R Andrews, J. Daniel Gunther, James Wasserman.

I think that the full colour images which accompany the text are very good quality. It’s great to be able to see the images which accompany the text.

I have seen different translations of the 42 declarations of innocence online, but I find I can relate to this translation of the Papyrus of Ani the most.

Following the translation of the Papyrus of Ani, it also contains a translation of the Theban Recension texts which don’t appear in the Papyrus of Ani. I haven’t read this part yet, but I’m glad it’s there for future reference.

There is also a commentary at the end, which I am part way through reading. I am finding this helpful so far. The Book of Going Forth by Day is not easy to understand, so a good commentary is needed.

I’d recommend this book.

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my copy just turned up. i wasn’t expecting it to be quite so big, given the price was not so big! a wonderfully made book - with pages almost the size of A3 paper. definitely one to put on shelves horizontally.

i ordered it here for £22:

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