The Aton of Heliopolis

I am searching for any
Pre Amarna images of The Aten. I want to see early depictions pre Akhenaten’s rule. Can anyone suggest any reading please?

Good question. I don’t recall any in particular, though I bought a stack of books a few weeks ago and flicking through I did pick up on a comment that while I thought worship of the Aten was a new thing, the comment was that it was actually something that was done before! I really wish I could remember where I saw that :slight_smile:

In any case I think the Aten was still there throughout so perhaps there could be some associated at any of the earlier pyramids??? Karnak is another possibility I would imagine??

It is mentioned but I cannot find any images . There must be some , somewhere.

Hmmm not finding much either. Its probable that the iconography[ahy changed to differentiate from Amun-Ra??? It’s not something I’ve really looked to tbh. There are a couple here who may know more like @Amunet.