Summer Solstice 2019

Well, not long now. I mark this time as my Wep Ron Pet. I know many modern Kemetics use the first week of August or even September as that is when Sothis rises now in most places. However for me, as far as I know from Old Kingdom and before the Nile flood, summer solstice and Sothis all occurred around the same time. With one of those (the solstice) noticeable to me then I take that time as the start of the five days.

I tend to mark it at night time as living at the bottom of a valley my view of the sun is obscured in the morning but sets in view. I will be putting offerings up of home brew mead and wine, as well as making a number of foods that are possibly of ancient origin.

Does anyone else mark the solstice?

I occasionally mark it by putting up a blue and yellow pentacle I made some years ago. I had intended to go to a place called Campbell Park this year (my city is aligned to the solstice and this park has a beacon where everyone meets. Our baby was sick so we spent the solstice in the hospital. She’s fine, just bad reflux!

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Awww kids come first. We’ve been there with our little ones. As long as the gods are in our hearts and thoughts they will understand. I often find I don’t have much time with all the other demands so if I can do things that I can include in my daily routine I feel that helps.

Now Wep Ron Pet is almost over for me, I’ve a Hathor festival on Wednesday, and one for Ma’at on Thursday. Luckily us Kemetics have many festivals we can go for all year round if we want :slight_smile:

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