Starting Out On Kemetism

Here we go. You want to get into this amazing belief/magical system but where do you start?

@RaHorus20 lets throw things on this topic here as it will help others to find clues to starting.

So where are you in your steps? What do you want to get out of this? What draws the most interest? Those are usually what I ask anyone starting a new spiritual journey.

So where are you in your steps?

The beginning! I started with the principles and negative confessions of Ma’at as a guide for daily living. After that, made a shrine. I say a morning prayer, reflect on Ma’at and offer fruit and water. Will have a chat and also light a candle.

What do you want to get out of this?

A positive focus for daily living in a way that relates to me. Not sure what else yet!

What draws the most interest?

Guidance from deities and connection with the natural world by connecting with them.

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OK I’ll thrown mine in too then…

So where are you in your steps?

Decades in but still learning. It never stops. Trying to maintain all the scattered bits of information I’ve gathered over the years into something that I can work with. Its tricky as I often forget things including festivals. Have bad days and can’t be bothered and good days where I want to do stuff. I’ve found if I include things in my daily life that sort of makes up for the bad days :slight_smile:

I started with learning about the deity that attracted me the most after seeing her picture.

What do you want to get out of this?

I don’t know to be honest. Perhaps be a better, more helpful and caring person. A deeper connection with the deities I love and how we can help each other in getting done what needs to be done for the long term.

What draws the most interest?

Understanding what drove the ancient Egyptians to build what they did, talk to deities like they did, how they saw the world around them.

where are you in your steps?

i’m about 4 years into a fairly focused kemetic path, although Egypt has always fascinated me from as long as I can remember.i started out by interacting on the kemetic orthodoxy forum and attending their initial training for newbies. i’m currently studying a few short courses on egyptian shamanism, egyptian magic, egyptology and just finished a reading hieroglyphics course. I’m now going to launch into Bob Brier’s Great Courses on hieroglyphics (far more advanced).

I’ve recently relocated to a new country so practice-wise my altars have been taken out of service and I will need to set up new ones once we have finished shifting our stuff. I miss them but I know my beloved Neterus are all still there with me.

what do you want to get out of this?

i don’t want to get anything from it, it’s just what makes the most sense and brings a sense of peace and happiness into my life.

what draws most interest?

right now, reading hieroglyphics for myself is what really catches my eye and mind. i also love learning more and getting a deeper understanding of how everything was so interconnected (and still is).


I’m literally starving for knowledge and truth please feed me your knowledge and provide me your mentorship or please possibly recommend someone

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The really best advice I can give is:

  1. There is lots to learn and we are all different and have different requirements of what we already know and want. Sure, you can’t ask for information on things you don’t know that would be stupid, so start with really simple reading. Things that interest you for starters to provide some quick win on learning. Maybe start with the gods. There are a few good links here already which might help: Web Link Recommendations
  2. Create a topic here here with any specific questions.
  3. Don’t panic that you feel if either know nothing to ask a question or that you know little to contribute. I’ve been at this a long time and I still have huge gaps in my knowledge because those areas might not have appealed to me in the past. You have your entire life to learn. There is a great ancient Egyptian proverb: A person will thirst for knowledge all their life. Only when that thirst is sated are they ready to leave this world.

Explore and ask we are all here to help

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