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Hi all,

I’ve done a few FB and Twitter promos, and now I’m moving on calling in a few favors. At the moment I’m focusing in articles to help raise awareness. An article has just gone to CoA for their Witchcraft and Wicca magazine, working on one for Greenmantle, and I think I have been promised a slot in Pagan Dawn.

If anyone has any other ideas I’m open to hear them. Finding other Kemetics is a challenge and any pointers or sharing this new community is going to be really helpful.


An article for Greenmantle now submitted hopefully for the next issue. Next maybe Pagan Dawn if I get a moment. :slight_smile: My online Egyptology course starts in a couple of weeks and I’ve still got to get on with my next book.

Again, if anyone has any other ideas I’m all ears!


i think having regular hangouts on here or via the fb group might work too. I have been trying to find a place to do joint rituals with others who are into the same things as me and so far in the uk…nada! the best i can hope for is to get up at 1.30am and join the KO group and that kills me. (nothing against them, I am learning lots form them but getting up that time of night, you are then wide awake until it is time to go to work…sigh…)

also, if you want me to link this to my blog, which i will share with others studying the egyptian magic course, i would be happy to. (you might need to guide me through the tech side of doing it though)

Good point. It did add the online chat thing on here for doing such things. I have done a number of online rituals in the past and they have been OK, though of course group ritual as such, not that I think we need to worry about having 20+ turn up at this stage. Will have a think on that one.

No problem about the blog. Just let me know what you want to do and I will sort it. :slight_smile:

i was not entirely sure how to link that to the blog. either as one of the ‘recommended sites’ in a separate post/ on my profile with a proud ‘KTUK’ badge (haha) or just as a side link?

if you have any bright ideas let me know…otherwise, get thosse badges made!! (I am an 80s kid, we liked pins and badges, I do apologise)

Ah badges :slight_smile: What we could problably do is kick off a special topic here anyway for our own blogs. I’ve got yours already linked on mine at https://www.houseofkiya.co.uk but others of interest I think too. I think @Amunet has a blog too and I know she has a YouTube as I’m subscribed to that :slight_smile:

I think it would be nice to combine those that have members stuff on only. I will see what I can do. K

Aww thanks for adding the link to my newborn blog :wink:

I have now copied shamelessly the ‘links’ part of the blog. well, the layout and a couple of the links. I will add my own as I go too.

what is the youtube channel for @Amunet?

You’re welcome.

Here is the link. Some amazing content and I am always in awe of the content and professionalism she puts in. Thank you @Amunet

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thanks, I have subscribed and will add her link to me external links once I have had a chance to review the videos myself. (obviously, i only want to have stuff on the blog that I can safely vouch for myself)

but wow, @Amunet you sure have been a busy girl! :slight_smile:

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