Spiritual significance of water

Hi all,

I’m wondering what the spiritual significance of water was for the AEs.

Also, in what ways was water used in ritual other than as an offering?

I was spending time with Djehuty and Seshat this morning and I saw pools of water. Seshat seemed to be alluding to a connection with deity via water. Perhaps as a way between worlds or as a connection to the spiritual realm? I was talking to her about my desire for learning and knowledge at the time.


Well, I’ve been doing some research and cleansing water with Natron/ Baking soda/Bicarbonate of soda seems to be the way to go for bathing for purification of body and spirit. Seshat seems to be guiding me towards this practice to help foster a deeper spiritual connection.

Water was important. Many (if not all) temples had a pool which represented the primordial waters called Nun, the source of creation. The public also, if they could, have pools in their gardens for pleasure as swimming in the Nile was quite a hazardous exercise.

Take a look at Abydos too, the Osirian cycle and it’s temples there had some interesting water features.

That’s interesting Kev. Thanks for the Osirian temple. Amazing construction. I’ve just read that priests/priestesses used to ritually bathe in those pools and use natron to cleanse themselves. Ritual purification seemed to be important to the priests/priestesses at least. I wonder if the general public did so too. Seeing as they would of had their own pools in their gardens, probably?

I’m fortunate to live by the sea.

Yes ritual purification is important. Before all rituals I would at the very least brush my teeth (if using a bicarb toothpaste its sort of like chewing natron in a vague way) as each word needs to be cleansed, and if I can shave, shower and clean clothes. Within the temples this would be constant along with a restricted diet.

On top of that you have incense to purify the air and so on and so on.

The public might have have risked the dangers of the Nile, only a few would have been fortunate enough to have pool I think. Would take a fair amount of resource to keep one going, so unless they have servants and an estate to fund it, it would have been either the Nile or a bowl :slight_smile: I would have gone for the bowl :slight_smile:

I too live by water, a small river, with springs and the sea less than a mile away. Water is central to all of my ritual work.

Thanks for that Kev.

I think I need to find a way to incorporate more purification in my rituals. Can be tricky due to my living circumstances, so I’ll need to have a think.

I’m currently practicing quietly without my wife knowing. She accepts me practicing, but if she sees/hears anything alluding to it it sparks off negativity from her on a bad day. On a good day she acknowledges that she’s wrong for reacting that way and there is part of her that is interested in hearing more about it from me. However, she still has some issues she needs to work through.

I haven’t included purification every time I have approached deities, but they’ve always appeared to be happy to spend time with me regardless…

Seshat seemed to be saying that for greater connection, purification is a way to connect in a closer way rather than accusing me for not doing it.

Do you incorporate water in your ritual work in other ways Kev?

There is something else I’d like to mention. When spending time with deities previously, I have seen a doorway beside me leading to a garden with white walls and herbs growing. It’s sunny, warm with birds in trees etc. Perhaps alluding to a simpler/more minimalist way of viewing life and one closer to nature? It seemed to be a picture of how ancients lived.

Is it possible that this space is meant to be inside you, a place for you to seek out when you want to have the closer contact you mention, in a meditative rather than ritual way? It would then also become a place of retreat and protection.

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Interesting thought Falkenna.

I was taught to create such a place, and it is possible this is being suggested to you. Of course, to take elements of it into the real world would no doubt have many benefits.

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I think I’ve found what I feel drawn to…

A spiritual bath with baking soda and lavender from the garden seems to be just the thing I need!

Unfortunately we don’t have a bath in this house, the third bedroom was originally the bathroom so it was cut up into a small bathroom with a shower. :frowning: My wife says, once the kids have gone we could turn it back into a proper bathroom as my wife prefers a soak :slight_smile:

In answer to your question about including water in other rituals: Yes all the time. Either as offerings, visits to a local spring, going to the beach to have a paddle or talk to it. Any opportunity to use water I will do.

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@Alanna I’ve probably posted this before somewhere here but this is a walk along to my favorite spring.

I think a bath is a luxury when you have young kids anyway haha! Now I know what I want to do, the trick is actually finding the time to have a long soak! Ah well, at least I have something to look forward to :slightly_smiling_face:

Reading your post and watching your video does inspire me to find out more about nature in my local area and the history that may be connected with it.

I can see that fostering a connection with local nature is beneficial in this path.

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when i did the KO initial training, they suggest using pure water as libations and offering during rituals. I also like to have a perfumed water spray for cleansing the room (nicer alternative to plain natron water).

if you need to find more discreet purifications for yourself so as not to upset your wife, how about using meditations/ visualizations or self reiki?

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Thanks @Anippe. More food for thought! Liking the different suggestions in this thread.

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Out of interest @Anippe, why did you chose a reconstructionalist approach rather than KO? Or is your approach a mixture?

@Alanna I don’t think of my approach as either. I just learn things wherever I can and go with what makes sense or feels right to me /works out best. It’s difficult to explain but you will know what works for you.
I loved the KO forum and online rituals. It was just unfortunate that most were held at times most suited to their American followers.
I also wanted to see if meeting others closer to where I was would make it easier, but I’ve always been fairly solitary. It had been great to chat to @kev though.

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Cool. I’m glad I’ve got this UK forum to ask questions/discuss. I feel that it helps to chat with other Kemetics in the UK that understand the climate/culture that we live in.

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This is one of the main reasons I started this. There are Kemetics in the UK but no where for them to focus other than try and find them in the main line pagan organisations which try to cater for everyone. We are then left with FOI and KO, and the FOI have long moved from being remotely Kemetic to a place for all. I was getting fed up spending ages turning rocks over in the hope. So far we’re doing all right. I signpost as often as possible to here and we will get there eventually.

What’s FOI?

It helps even just having a few people on here to talk to. Makes a difference.