Shrine Ogdoad And Pre-creation Spirits


Not quite a ‘thing’, but for me I mark a number of festivals that revolve around the Ogdoad and the pre-creation spirits sometimes called the ‘Dead Deities’, the spirits that never manifested (or came to life) after creation. In the traditional Ogdoad with male and female spirits being represented as serpents and frogs the other ‘dead deities’ featured at Edfu and Dendera mostly had no names, on Hah is really given.

My main festivals are the 20 days ending on 26th December (Festival of the ten dead deities of Dendera), followed by another for 10 days on Pakhons around first new moon of March.


This year’s Pakhons festival, starting on the first new moon of March is 6th March to the 14th…


Half way point through the 10 day festival of Pakhons, and I managed to get over to my favorite spring to mark the first half of the festival - the journey of Hathor along the Nile from her temple at Dendera to Edfu for the sacred marriage to Horus.

Lots water involved so an ideal location. Even more so after lots of rain. The spring was really going for it today!