Shrine of Nephthys (Nebethet)

A place to discuss the amazing goddess, Nephthys (Nebthet, Nebet-Het).

The Lady of the Temple Enclosure/House of the gods
She who brings Joy
She who gives Triumph
Wenneferet to Wesir’s Wennefer is the Duat.

This goddess has been getting so much of my attention recently that’s it’s been hard to focus on much else, especially the GOTM club, lol. I first made ‘proper’ contact this Wep Ronpet after stitching Her a shrine icon. It was such a moving experience. Everyone says what a quiet goddess She is but I got such an outpouring of love. She nudged me to play “Candle on the water” from Disney’s Pete’s Dragon. It was as if She was singing to me Herself. I’ve not had an easy time recently, you could say my life has changed significantly, but She said that She is here for me. I think, if you are one for patrons or parent deities, that I may have found one.


Lovely alter/shrine and icon! Thanks for sharing.

Djehuty is my main deity. I feel like I’ve been struggling with Kemetic practice the past few days/week and he’s been really understanding. If I’ve turned up to shrine stressed or haven’t been for a day or two, he just seems happy to see me. I’ve been getting a kind fatherly vibe from him and have felt an instant calm at shrine on a few occasions.

It’s a nice feeling to have a deity looking out for you, especially during hard times.


Thank you! This was taken during the epag days. That’s why you can see Sutekh lurking in the back ground! I also crocheted the little banner if five colours representing the children of Nut. (Green for Wesir, yellow for Heru Wer, red for Sutekh, blue for Aset, and purple for Nebethet).

It is nice knowing they’ve technically all got our backs, but one or two have a special interest in you :grin:


I like the simplicity of your alter. Sometimes less is more!


She is such a lovely, gentle goddess. I’ve been trying to get a hands on this particular Nephthys statue for a long time now, but she was issued like 20 years ago.

Do you guys know of any good places to buy pre-owned statues?