Shrine of Bastet

A place for those that follow Bastet (Bast) can hang out.

I have a major festival for Bastet just past on 27th Feb. Its the ‘Chewing Onions for Bastet’. I generally have a lot of onions that day. Though i do eat a fair number anyway! Last year I had onion soup for my evening meal. This year it was a ploughmans with lots of fruit, cheese and onion.

Gathering my onions for the ‘Chewing Onions for Bast’ this coming week :slight_smile:

I hope this is the right place to share a dream I once had involving Bast and Wesir (Osiris). The dream started off as a regular surreal dream, I think I was at a speakeasy and everything was sepia toned. Suddenly, the dream paused as everything went from sepia to a strange silver light. Bast and Wesir appeared and I felt very aware of not dreaming anymore. I had a chat with them both. Bast told me she wasn’t angry that her statue was damaged as it wasn’t my fault, but I should repair it. Wesir gave me an amazing fatherly hug. Then the silver melted away and I was back in the sepia speakeasy having a party.

Bast has also appeared to me in a meditation. She was a huge midnight blue/black panther that growled. I was so shocked I nearly fell off the bed!

LOL yeah they can be shocking at times. I’ve found the slightly stern but not completely forceful comments direct and helpful. OK a few times I feel I have got on the bad side but yeah, the feeling of being slightly told off feels familiar :slight_smile:

Did you fix the statue though?

Not yet. I have no garden to repaint it in. I don’t want to use strong paint in the house because of the little one.

Fair point it can be nasty stuff. What about the other way they worked with statues? Dressing them with clothes etc?