Shrine of Auset

A place for those that follow Auset (Isis) can hang out.

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Auset and Aphrodite… One deity or two?

Some like to say they are the same, but there are so many differences between them that leaves just one vague similarity. Some would also compare Hathor to Aphrodite but again like Isis there are more differences. Sure the Greeks draw similarities, they did that with a lot of them.

Yes I’ve been thinking the same. I think Auset and Aphrodite seem to have two different personalities/areas of expertise. From what I can tell, differences in the Greek and Egyptian pantheons seem to be visable.

I don’t know much about Hathor, but I know they were amalgamated by some at some point. I know Hathor is a favourite of yours!

I’m intrigued by Auset. Seems rather mysterious to me!

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Well, all you can do then is have a chat with her and see where it goes :slight_smile: good luck!

I used to be so intimidated by Auset but since becoming a mother myself, She seems to be hanging around more. Hathor blessed my daughter, years before she was even conceived, as “the Grace of Hethert”. Little one has such spirit and mischief in her but also a gentleness. She loves to dance!


Auset seems to come and go at the moment. She shows up and gives valuable guidance then goes again!

Auset in ancient England

I think it’s amazing to think that there was a temple to Auset in ancient London.

Her influence certainly spread far!

I wonder how the ancient practisioners in England adapted their practices to the environment in those days.

Looking at the Fellowship of Isis online, it seems that she still has a wide reach/appeal.

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Yes, She is still widely worshipped and loved by many types of people. I have a lot of respect for the FOI and was tempted to get some training there, once upon a time. The thing that bothers me is that they see all goddesses as aspects of one Goddess. I’m a big believer in syncretism and cross overs from pantheon to pantheon but, ultimately, the gods are separate beings with their own wills. They may come from the same source and even be working towards the same goal but I don’t feel that there is one supreme being behind a load of masks.

I’m looking forward to buying and reading this Pagan Portals - Isis from Moon Books ( I have so much respect for Olivia!

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I agree with you there! I’m not sure about cross overs from pantheon to pantheon though.

That book on Isis looks good. I’m still reading through a list at the moment, but I may take a look at your suggestion again. I don’t have any books on Auset at the moment. Let me know what you think of it!

When I was up in Newcastle in 2019, I paid a visit to Hexham and the Roman fort there. Lots of Roman deities worshiped obviously with it being a border town. I do wonder if any nods towards Egypt were given considering now that seeped into the culture by then.

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It would be amazing if archaeologists find more evidence of AE deities.

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