Shrine Of Anubis


A place for those that follow Anubis can hang out.


I already had the nice Anubis statue with the scales of Ma’at. so when I splurged on stuff just arrived from Egypt, I got these as an offering. They are just stunning. And the lids of the little jars come off!!


Oooo they’re cute. I picked some up but without the box many many years ago in a tiny back street of London… I’m currently going through photos for the next book so will upload some of my stuff shortly.


Did a little thing for a friend who died suddenly (only 28!) last night. While not technically Wepwawet, I still often ask Anubus for guidance on journeys, including these, he was there at the start for me and got me through some difficulty



I always place an item in my Anubis shrine before it goes onto my ancestors altar (which is also for dear departed friends). If they aren’t people who will be on my ancestors altar, I just light the candles in the shrine and ask Anubis to open the way for them and watch over their journeys in their afterlife.