Shrine For Ptah

Not sure why I’ve not added one to him before, considering a few of you I know are fans. But was requested so here it is… :slight_smile:


I don’t worship Ptah, but he’s an interesting god nevertheless.

I have found myself inextricably drawn to him, and the many aspects of him in others, as well as their aspects reflected from him.

My nature, and my profession, requires me to transform thought into creation, and practice craftsmanship…

Even creating the shrine, or posting here, is in some meaningful way an act of creation, and an expression of worship towards him… at least, I think of it this way.

I am curious what primary sources and texts others may have come across concerning Ptah, as I wish to learn more.

I have found some drawings of the Shabaka Stone, and translations of the stela of Neferabu, along with mentions in hymns to Khnum in Lichtheim’s “Ancient Egyptian Literature”… but I am hopeful that others might be able to further illuminate my path.

It feels suitable to ask that “He who hears prayers” might assist in helping me to find an answer or two :sweat_smile:


Hi Sem,

I’m not a devotee of Ptah, but I do like to look for primary sources!

Try this: Ptah - in ancient sources @

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just a prototype… a bit of practice if you will. i’m wondering if my extensions to the classical transliteration scheme make it easier to associate the individual letters to the words, and the words to the final meaning?


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perhaps it works better with the non-spoken glyphs faded a bit?


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I’d say the second option? I think both look good though!

I came across this whilst researching Ptah-Tatenen

The God Ptah - Maj Sandman Holmberg

It was in the references mentioned here: Tatenen | Henadology

It is a little dated (this shows in the transliterations) but I have found this an interesting read so far, especially the mentions of artifacts and inscriptions that I was not aware of, and many of which can be easily found in images and other publications through Google.

There is a separation between the text and figures which is a bit of a nuisance, but both the photographs and transcriptions found at the end are fantastic, if a little low-fidelity as is expected from their age.

This First Dynasty bowl being an example of an early depiction of Ptah that I did not know about before…

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Thank you for sharing!

The first dynasty bowl is a worthwhile find and the article looks interesting.