Ritual wear and daily style

Does anyone wear anything specific for ritual or other religion/spiritual related work? I feel a pull to have some sort of white cotton tunic/dress thingy put aside. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery in my daily life but do have a selection for feast and festival days.

My personal style has evolved from ‘Goth/rocker” to a more Lagenlook/swamp witch style. Think natural materials, layers, and loose fitting clothes. Don’t know whether it’s because I am getting older or if it’s a sign of my brain shifting into a more spiritual, less materialistic phase (don’t get me wrong, I love the shinies, I just feel overwhelmed by modern life)

Does your kemetic path influence your style or are you more incognito?

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I’m pretty incognito, apart from an amulet I wear on occasion or Egyptian themed jewelry.

I would consider wearing something specifically for rituals of I was able to, but the reality is that beyond my usual daily ritual, I don’t get the chance to perform a ‘bigger’ ritual at home.

I don’t have any jewellery or anything to not be incognito, although I was thinking of whether I’d even wear such.

I have also been thinking about ritual clothing, which at the moment I don’t have set up. Maybe in the future!

Actually… Thinking about it, I have worn specific colours for ritual at times. So I’d wear ordinary clothing, but just choose the colours representing a deity’s animal or symbol.

Nah, never been bothered. Too much messing around. That was the reason I went towards visualisation/astral temple work as can easily drop in and out quickly. Physically only purify and maybe wear an amulet.