Random find, Camden Market

While I was wandering round Camden Market yesterday, I spotted big statues of Isis and Bastet. So I took this as a sign I should go look. The main stalls have lots of silver jewellery and a few statues. I got chatting to the owner, who decided to take me to see ‘the gallery’. This is tucked away right at the back of the market and its where they have lots more statues and various papyri that they make in their factory in Egypt. Just thought you guys might like to know, in case you are ever in that part of London.
Their website is egyptomania.co.uk
Here’s a little sneak at the stall and my new Lord Anubis statue. (the little Sobek is just plain black)

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Thanks for showing! I’ve not been to Camden market since I was little. Might now how to seek it out :slight_smile: