Praying without an actual ritual/shrine

Hello to all! I’m really new here, and pretty new to Kemetism in general. I was wondering, would it be disrespectful to any Netjeru if I were to pray to them and nothing else? I’m unable to give offerings or have an actual shrine due to current living circumstances (it would only create conflict if it became known, which I’d like to avoid), but I’d still like to do something instead of just sitting on my hands and waiting to get my own place.

If praying without giving offerings and whatnot is disrespectful/a big “no-no” in any way, shape, or form, then I can hold off, but I’m a bit confused about the whole thing so here I am.


Welcome Lolite!

I think the gods are understanding of individual circumstances. You don’t need a shrine or an alter to connect with the Netjeru.

Offerings can be simple too. For example, you can offer a glass of water to them before you drink it or offer some fruit from your lunch. You can also offer actions to them. For example, you could offer reading a book about ancient Egypt to Thoth. You can offer anything to them. They care more about the intentions and coming to them with a genuine heart.

You can even approach them and tell them about your tricky situation and explain about the offerings. You never know, they might present a solution.



I echo all that @LittleIbis says. Sure, if you just include a thought along with a simple action then that can be enough. I do pretty much that all the time.

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Oh want to add something to that after seeing quite a vicious post on an FB group saying that they only ever prayed to the statue as they thought that it is only the image where the spirit of the deity resides. They said only thinking the deity can hear you say their name is a Christian thing…

You could of course also make use of artwork under the guise that it is history/art. Also having a personal necklace on which hangs an image of the deity can also serve both uses too.

Personally, even if the ancients only would consider the deity only present can hear you, which I don’t as I’m sure I’ve encountered plenty of literature that showed they didn’t relies on images all the time, for words are heka and therefore connection with deity/magic. In my personal experience I was communicating with my deity before I had an image or name for her.

Do what you need to do!


Thank you to both for the replies! I have managed to carry out 2 different “offering rituals” (prayer, putting the offering somewhere close by, drawing of the Netjeru (which I have yet to fully finish), closing prayer) and also invited Him to enjoy some music with me while I was on my way to and from school, so that’s been going great!
I am very much sure He has helped me today, since I’ve just gotten a nicely sized writing order (which was great, since I’d lost money that same day and I don’t usually get orders seeing as I’m fairly new in the field) and I’ve thanked Him. Regarding the image part, I don’t think He, or any of Them for that matter, really need an image to be present (as Kev suggested, cheers!), although I am starting to associate a nice lil necklace I have with Him (for whatever reason, but I’m not complaining).
All in all, I’m glad I followed your advice! Pretty much encouraged me to try my best and, even though it wasn’t much, I’ve managed to do something kinda nice and I’m pretty happy about it!
The Netjeru are indeed understanding, and I do thank Them for it once again.
Thanks to the both of you too once again for the push, haha!


You’re welcome Lolite. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad we’ve been able to help and that things are going well for you!

Anytime you want to ask a question, go ahead! No question is a silly question.

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