Portable Altars

I often see photos of portable and/or travel altars on social media. I understand that the average ancients would have been highly mobile and no doubt would have had easily movable religoius items, its not something I’ve ever contemplated myself.

Anyone else?

I’ve never made one myself, but I have a friend who made a travel altar out of an Altoid tin, which I thought was pretty ingenious.

I don’t have an altar yet myself, but between being in a very small flat and not wanting to have an altar where it’s at risk of being disrespected by friends or family who don’t know any better, I have to say the prospect of having an altar that can be quickly set up and then taken down sounds appealing.

I’ve always sort of considered my rings – and other jewellery as I’ve seen fit at a given time - to function a little like mobile altars. My constant rings are not particular gods, however, they’re more abstract.


I do understand your concerns @MagpieMason and an alternative I’ve found handy is just paintings etc. For example I just can’t source some statues (plus I already have too many) for some deities I need so paintings will have to do - its also fits in with how they would have worked anyway for any depiction can draw them.

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Rings… Good plan I like that idea. I sometimes carry the odd scrawling of hieroglyphs in my wallet if I need something handy. I don’t really get on with jewellery that much. But they are still not something I would whip out and talk to etc like a portable altar would be.

This is a bit funny though. I do have a Lego Anubis key ring, though I have recently stopped carrying it as its becoming a bit battered and don’t want to loose him, and I would sometimes talk to him…

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See, there ya go. :slight_smile:

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When I go away from home, I just use jewellery and amulets, and special crystals which get charged up on my main altar.
I had been thinking about making little portable all in one boxes with the ones I am engraving so these may well be available soon. :wink:

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When I first started out, I printed out some passport size pictures of various deities, stuck them to some card and covered them in sticky back plastic. I then placed them in a small card wallet with some prayers. From the outside it looked like a Barclays card holder, inside was a mini shrine.

I also have the Lego Anubis! The paint has come off where I keep rubbing his tummy when I pray.

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Nice idea with the pictures! Yeah, my Lego Anubis’s arms and legs are a little loose now and I’m afraid they may drop off if I continue carrying him. Mind you I’ve had him a good several years! :slight_smile:

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My new travel shrine is slightly bigger now lol. I got a new car so I decided to put an Anubis statue on the back rest, and have also several eyes and scarab stickers around it. It’s so lovely to feel protected, of course but my main reason for loving it so much is that I can pray and meditate on the go, and have my own little private temple on wheels now.